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Hop to the Top anchor name = #jagex-software Jagex Software
Jagex Limited, doing business as Jagex Games Studio (commonly referred to as Jagex), is a British video game developer and publisher based at the St John's Innovation Centre in CambridgeEngland. It is best known for RuneScape, the world's largest free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The company's name comes from its original slogan, "Java Gaming Experts". In addition to RuneScape, Jagex has released multiple casual games on its FunOrb portal, as well as other titles. By 2015, the studio held over 480 employees. In June 2016, Jagex were acquired by Chinese company Hongtou, which in turn was acquired by another Chinese company, Zhongji Holding, in September 2016. Jagex Limited is a leading edge software business based in England. We specialise in producing top-quality Java-games for webpages, and have so far developed and marketed over 30 different online games. We have been developing games since Java was launched and now have four years experience with this platform. This places us as one of the world's top online-games developers. During this time we have built up a huge wealth of knowledge and routines which enable us to produce our games quickly and cost effectively. We are currently specialising in supplying multiplayer games as these have proven to be by far the most popular with users. We believe in producing all our games to the highest quality possible, and as a result our games are widely regarded as some of the best online games available. We've already developed and deployed a large number of games, and so we've already discovered many of the things that can potentially go wrong and made sure they won't! Our software is developed with the benefit of years of experience and hence has the sort of improvements and stability which can only be gained through large scale testing, and user feedback. Something which we believe is hard to obtain from elsewhere.
Hop to the Top anchor name = #jester-interactive Jester Interactive
Jester Interactive is a video game developer based in North Wales in the United Kingdom and was founded in 1997 as a trading arm of Morgan Computing Limited. It would later trade under the name Jester Interactive Limited, and after going into administration in 2003  would re-emerge trading as Jester Interactive Publishing Limited. The company is well known for its music sequencing software on home consoles in the form of the MUSIC and MTV Music Generator branded software. Respected computer and video game developer Jester Interactive has announced a landmark new version of its multiple award-winning Music series for PC, which will be the first to be marketed under the Club Edition banner and is endorsed by UK super-club Slinky. Due for release in April, Music 2002: Club Edition: Slinky marks the first time Jester Interactive has worked with a super-club, and the resultant package contains everything a practising DJ could need. The easy-to-use software allows users to produce dance music using a series of beats, breaks and loops supplied by leading in-house Slinky DJs. A fully featured and user-friendly music and video creation system for PC, Music 2002: Club Edition: Slinky enables users to create, edit and produce tracks and produce accompanying videos with ease.

Known For: MUSIC - Music Creation for the PlayStation PlayStation - 1998, Music 2000 / MTV Music Generator PlayStation, PC - 1999, MTV Music Generator 2 PS2 - 2001, Supertruck Racing PS2 - 2002, Pocket Music Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance - 2002, Music 2002 Slinky Club Edition PC - 2002, Music 3000 / Funkmaster Flex's Digital Hitz Factory PS2 - 2003, TT Superbikes PS2 - 2007, TT Superbikes: Real Road Racing Championship PS2 - 2008, TT Superbikes Legends PS2 - 2008
Hop to the Top anchor name = #jowood-productions JoWood Productions defunct

JoWooD Entertainment AG (formerly JoWooD Productions Software AG, commonly referred to as JoWooD) was an Austrian video game publisher that was founded in 1995. JoWooD went into administration and all assets were purchased by Nordic Games. Their games include the futuristic racing car game Beam Breakers which was released in 2002, action role-playing games in the Gothic series, the Spellforce series, and the Industry Giant series of games. Other titles include Transport Giant, World War III: Black GoldThe Sting!Hotel Giant, and other games of the Giants series. They also released Sam & Max and Neighbours from Hell. They also worked on AquaNox: Angel's Tears for the PlayStation 2.

Known For: A medium length list of games, see wiki

Hop to the Top anchor name = #joycity-entertainment-corp-jcentertainment Joycity corporation
Joycity site bio not available on wiki and on thier site its an image and i aint retyping that so go read it yourself lol.

Known For: mobile games only, see wiki
Hop to the Top anchor name = #joycity-entertainment-corp-jcentertainment Joy Entertainment
JOY Entertainment is a Vietnamese mobile game company oriented to become a full-fledged mobile game developer and publisher. This game company was founded in April 21, 2012 by four young founders with previous experiences about game making at Gameloft SEA – Le Giang Anh, Tran Quang Huy, Hoang Ngoc Toan, and Nguyen Huu Le Trong Tin. In early times, company made simple casual games such as Auto Racing: Upstream, Amazing Kick, Troll Running, Blocks Buddies, and Kupid to train basic and advanced skills for developers. In 2014, they shipped their breakthrough hit Captain Strike that attracted over 3 million users.

Known For: mobile games only, see wiki
Hop to the Top anchor name = #just-flight Just Flight
Specializes in sales of simulator add ons, flight simulators