Blake/Amber Dayshade

NOTE this Article has been MOVED
to this LINK for further updating.

"Everybody always says go for the Life Wizard first So I did and died!" - a joking Team-mate

~ Note - Beastmoon was updated, there will now be 15 Beast forms and a new map(in Test they did not cycle maps). The new Beasts are: Ice Elf, Balance Fairy, Storm krokomummy, Myth Minotaur and Balance Wolf Warrior.

Balance Fairy is a healer and Pip giver, she gets a 7 pip 525 hit card that hits 1 at 1st Level.
Ice Elf is the opposite of Fire Elf, not the greatest hitter but intersting utilities.
Myth Minotaur everyones new favorite, Has Shield minion & multi which steals shields.
Storm Krokomummy has Blades & utility hits that do more if he has less than half health.
Balance Wolf can give away pips, has a few good utility hits & a trap/blade for team & self.

FIRST things 1st.

~ Teleport to the Arena using Gamma's Icon, Click on the bottom left of Beastmoon page.

~ Look Closely at Beastform Upgrades Kiosk in Arena or at Character Card Guides from Final Bastion --> page right, determine the Beast you'll play with & study its Spells. The kiosk is where we do Tier and Level upgrades.

~ Choose an alternative Beast, in case upon loading, finding someone has chosen your preferred beast already. Often major hitters are sought after, making secondary one of the Defensive players may mean that it's still available for choosing.

~ 2ndarily, examine the spells of Beasts not chosen, know what they can do in order to card with them well. Pay Close attention to Utility of all Spells in Beastmoon. A Beast may work well with/against certain other Beasts. Know which. Does a utility affect traps or blades or dots/hots or shields, who would you likely win fighting against and who would defeat you?

~ NOTE : page right side lists defensive or offensive in general, be aware each Beast has offensive plays in Deck, mostly utility. Only the defensive Beasts can Heal or Shield besides Minotaur having a small Hot or any player picking up Treasure Cards from Battle Chests during matches.

~ Pay Close attention to Multiplayer Spells, Level available and Utility of them. When fighting you will thus predict them and play accordingly. Alert your team to Fifth level players.

Upgrade 2 Beasts to 3rd Level ASAP.
L3 is really sort of a min level deck size
Boost your main Beast to level 5

~ We may find our 2nd Beast is a better choice sometimes considering Team compositions, look at Teams make-up by pressing TAB before buying Treasure Cards from the Vendor, if needed swap Beasts.

~A couple of the Beasts have AEGIS type spells now~
You can tell something is protected by square brackets.
Balance Fairy wears a blue outline trap for her protected heal.

Ch@racter C@rd Guides tr@nsmitt3d by Final Bastion
NEW ONES ARE IN RED -no links yet

0 pips, 600hp  Colossus ~ ICE defense shields
0 pips, 575hp Cyclops ~ balance defense/offense
1 pip, 575hp Wolf ~ Balance offense & pips
2 pips, 500hp  Krokomummy ~ ICE defense/offense shields
1 pip, 500hp  Wolf ~ storm offense & blades
2 pips, 450hp Draconian ~ Life defense heals
2 pips, 450hp Ninja Pig ~ death offense & life theft
1 pip, 425hp  Minotaur ~ fire offense & 1 little hot
1 pip, 425hp Minotaur ~ Myth defense/offense & minion
1 pip, 400hp Krokomummy ~ Storm offense & blades
3 Pip, 400hp Elf ~ Ice defense/offense & pips
3 pip, 375hp Fairy ~ Balance offense & pips & heals

3 pips, 350hp Fairy ~ death offense & life theft
3 pips, 325hp Rat Thief ~ myth offense & minion
3 pips, 325hp  elf ~ fire offense glass canon

*There are now errors in Final Bastions spell pages due to Test changes.

~ The points system is primarily for the Fall Fortune Scroll.
Visit Final Bastion(the link) to learn more.
Points you obtain in Beastmoon go towards Scroll achievements.

To get into a Match click into the OWL icon near Friends list.
Click into Beasmoon Hunt and click Join Match Twice.
You can also Teleport to the Arena from the Beastmoon Event Tab

! Beasts begin with 6 Spells and most Cap at 10 Spells !
**Only Ice Elf and Balance Fairy Cap at 9 Spells**

~ Tier Unlocks the Beast and allows holding additional TCs ~
~ Tier does not change the TC vendors # of Cards option ~

Notice the upgrade kiosk displays only 1st Level by default,
Change Level Page to 5 to see the 5th Level Beast

The object of a Match is to Earn Points for us & our Team. 100 Points Wins.
We earn points for Time & Battle Captures, owning multiple circles and Domination.
Domination is owning all the circles without contest. Points accrue until a circle is contested.

~ a couple of random notes~
The Double Pip Field.
Cyclops brings the Pip Field to the game at 5th Level, this is a fight changer,
played on the turn the other team has first go. With the pip field in play,
Beasts with large Cards will find an opportunity to play them
, typically difficult.
Be careful, Cyclops ought be in position 1 with 2 pips, though who is in similar position
on the other team may make using the field a bad idea unless a KO/Combo is possible.

The 1st player plays, then the opponent facing them cards.
The 2nd player goes, then who faces them cards. and so on.
This Switches sides at the end of each Round.
A key factor in deciding who to hit/shield sometimes.
This hints that removing player 1 on the other team gains a team 1st turns.

Press Tab to see which Beasts are in play on both teams,
Tab tells you if they are fighting or free or missing altogether,
!!Face the other team on the correct size circle for the # of players
free on your team when part of your Team is already occupied!!

Immediately Stop time Capturing circles.

Press Tab and see which Beasts are not fighting,
Rally your Team and Defend only one or two key circles,
choose the most suitable for the number of players free.
Every unguarded circle turned to your teams color
if left ungaurded, may be turned back to the other Team.

A Match can be turned around this way.

Say "need help" if beginning a fight solo. for example.
Don't worry about saying where, chat now comes with icons.
For people with no open chat there's Beastmoon menu chat(limited)
Please make a suggestion to K.I. for more Beastmoon Menu Chat options

*If your 6 player Team has lost MORE THAN 1 Player*
It's very hard to win with 2+ players missing, ask your team
if they wish to throw the match due to lost players.
Enter fights and flee from them to quickly get it over.
If your team wishes to try anyway, choose your fights carefully.

~ Give the other Beasts a chance.
Don't stop at having just 2 favorite Beasts,
as the Event comes and goes, try each of the Beasts,
get to know the whole Roster. Don't be caged in! The BEES!

~ You start the fight either Red or Blue,
Your Team mates names & the base Teleporter are your color,
orient yourself while choosing Beast and remember there is a
little arrow helper always on screen pointing towards both Bases

~Fleeing gives the other Team 2 Points.
Only Flee if you are needed elsewhere and it's not Crunch time.
Tell your Team not to join if it is too late for their help to matter.
Ask if someone has a heal TC to at some point bring you back to life.

~The other Team can not hear you. Chat is Team only.

(note the 2 school icons) One of the New Beasts
This image shows a TEST REALM BUG, Fairy has 9 deck spells
but there is a spell in her Battle Cards she should also have.

SECOND things 2nd.

Actaeon is our Beastmoon Recipe Vendor
Buy first the Element or Spirit Seed, later the Seeds of the School of your Beasts.

You want, once at levels 5/3 to save Lunari to unlock Tier 1 of your chosen Beasts.
Kings Isle rotates the Locks on the Beasts each Event so be sure yours are Tier 1.

Unlocking Tiers requires Lunari(more from wins than losses)& Statues harvested via Moon Seeds.
Craft Seeds at the Beastmoon Cultivator next to Acteaon. Plant in the 3 Pots won from playing.
With 3 planters, during Events, plant 1 School seed & 2 regular seeds, a Harvest is near 100 Battle Coins
Harvest whenever you've been fighting more than collecting Chests.

~ Battle Coins are collected from Chests found in the Arena however they can also be harvested from Beastmoon Plants.
~Use Battle Coins each Match to purchase Treasure Cards from Base Vendor, figure what you'll need referring to the other Team in Tab.
~Battle Coins can be used here to buy a 4 Tier Robe Recipe for each School. It's expensive. The 4th Robe is gold trim the 3rd Robe silver.
The Beastmoon Cultivator can be used for the Spiral Showcase Craft 5 Items prerequisite.

THIRD things 3rd.

~ Know the map. Know where your Team Mates are, and how many of the opposite Team are visible on circles. Be aware if you are time capturing when the other team arrives, don't get caught alone.

~ When beginning a Match, depending on if you are fast or slow try to get a feel for where the Pips Spawn and worry less about capturing a circle than getting your Pips filled up. You may have to run partially into the other Teams side, stealing pips they haven't gone for.

~ Slower players such as Colossus and Cyclops should always at match start, since they can not hold pips, try to grab the available chests on their Teams side of the map. They need all the Zero Pip Cards they can get.

~ Getting pips is not as important as arriving to a fight early. If you don't have pips but someone just got into a 1vs1, rush to help them, forget pips unless they are close. Arriving a turn late can mean a lost fight unless the combo of Beasts is right. Often arriving late means you watch your team mate die right away and then face 2 opponents alone.

~ Buying Time when you got into a fight. This is important. You were capturing and the other team caught you looking the other way, Cards are up, what to do? You have moments to type "help!". Now, STALL. Make your move each turn on the 3 second mark. Buy your Team time to arrive.

~ This is meant to be a Team effort, but you are going to be Teamed up with all manner of players, some who will try directing you, some who will not know what the right direction is. Learn the Dynamics quickly and do what you think is right. Direct Team Members who are unsure of how to play as best able , which maybe where your research comes in. Try to forgive people who go AFK, much of the time it is something around the house calling their attention and it rarely happens on board.

~ Spiral does not open until half the points are accumulated(ish) If it opens be careful trying to time capture it, most people will start a fight there on instinct. Stand on the edge of it and keep looking at all entries for the other Team. Get off Spiral if you are alone and the other Team arrives, even if it's just 1, more may be right behind them.

~ When you've captured either Star or Eye the Portals change to your color & can be used for stacked Speed Boosting. Slow Beasts can Zoom across the map. Just go through them a few times to stack.

~ The Teleporter is often the quickest way from Eye to Star and back in the Pit. If you had a fight on either & your Team is just beginning one on the other, take the Teleporter after getting Health. If you can not go back due to contested circle head towards the side and take the other teleporter.

~ If you are the type to dive right back into the next match you may find youself surrounded by a mix of the last two teams. Press Tab and see if any of your previous high level Team mates or opponents are back in play.

~Final Bastion Chat Tip: Hold Ctrl while running forward (holding W/Up arrow). Release the direction key first and Ctrl second. You will auto-run forward. Thus, you may type a message while running.

~ Utility Utility Utility, can't stress this enough. When playing, think about the Beasts you're facing and what you have in your Deck and discard the right things, properly use utility, but be careful, at low level you do not have very many cards total.

~ Cut Throat Tip - If you win a Spiral or Eye/Star fight and the remaining players on the other team are on circles fighting also, rush to the other Teams base/side of the map and scoop up all Pips and Chests while they wait out timers.

~ Just because you can play a Spell does not mean you should. Sometimes it is better to hold out for more pips than to play the only thing you've got available. Rat for example has a number of one pip options. A wrong play may sometimes cost him a crucial utility play later.

The Mini Maps with labels.
Mirage Battlegrounds Map

The map below is upper and lower levelled.
For Spiral or either Base take the rooftops.

Into the Pit Map
~ Defensive players want to be first position. If I had to arrange all the Beasts in order I'm sure opinions would differ, from my experience Life should only start a fight when someone is with him and ready. He wants to be first so his Hots are effective. Colossus, Ice Krokomummy, Cyclops & both Wolfs have the same sort of preference so if you are with any of them, let them start fights.

~ Just because Drac is the Healer does not always make him the natural Target. Often since he is limited in deck, killing a hitter a couple of times is preferrable to not killing the healer before a Team Mate dies. Often it is good to hit Drac first so that he feels threatened, then move on.

~ Both Fairys(Death and Balance), Balance Wolf & Fire Elf have spells which let them give other players Pips. If you play these Beasts, remember which other Beasts have big Spells.

~ If you play Drac and try to be the Healer, think more often about using the Resuscitate on the most valuable hitter instead of yourself. You may come back to life, but with only 1 pip and 200 health. A hitter can still hit with that. You may have only heals in hand.