ESSENCE - the seer of sences
Essence is two SE's(19+5=24/X/a 3rd column C/SE symbol, meaning the instigator of SE is X/Ex-purr-ess) going(on in gig)both east> and <west(SE for ones self & for any or all else as well as for both{be other} light{ligature H-T, 20-8=12L}/good{goo-oo'd}and dark{D-arc/C or U}/evil{vie in el})emitted{mighted}by "ce"(Fires Ether: the S) via "n"(inside/ince-ide{when/middle}waters light)
CE is interchangable(in terre chain gable)with SE; like Es|se[N]se; note that the first letter E is Uppercase/a purr case/A purr K-is-S/up irk ace)giving that sE significance(sign if i can see) different(di-F ferent)than Se or se. A lowercase(allow whirr case/a low irk ace) s.
Essence can be reduced to Ssenc due to being contained by the tags E and e, opening and closing the Envelope. Ssenc can be repronounced S-sank(the french for 5) or Ess-Anch(an anchored{chore embedded in and}Ess)leading us back to the letter E which Essence begins, ends and is cored(D-row-C=X) with.
Essence has a bipacket E-e-e(the dashes are the packets)containing ss and nc. If we embed NC is the SS as SNCS we get senses or sanks/5's/E's
Essence also finds a relationship to"Spirited Away" as the little girl Sen(the name the witch gave her after taking hers) is the word essence's core(spirit/c or senses/e)three letters. SEN is south east north or an arrow pointing east turning counter clock wise. SEN can also say "see en/inside"
ESS adds up to 43 which is the second 2nd 17th symbol, Q in another.
-ENCE means when(whence), the third question or en/in C is E. Reversed its ECNE or easy knee(E see, ken E)
Esse-n-ce says "try and see" or tri/3 and C.


DE-B-RA(stop being water/child) E in JAN(eject from one) R-ize-N(-ize/turn N into R, convert an impasse{ie P mass}into determination or a negative response into growl)

deb rudj(rudder j/road dj)E in R is N(ether in fire air is light)

DE 4/5, B/RA 2/181=aha, J10(AJ/age) ea(51/second{concede} Y) N14=AD(add)

[Middle English orizon, from Old French, from Latin horizōn, from Greek horizōn (kuklos), limiting (circle), horizon, present participle of horizein, to limit, from horos, boundary.]




Debbie - 4D-5e-2b-2b-9i-5e Air, Ether, Water, Water, Water, Ether - D(Air/Feelings) making an L(Ether/Sound) filled with P(Water/Plasma/message)
3 waters may mean to see the Fire letter for water which is P, 2 ethers may mean the second Ether letter L. To put P next to L is to say reduce peeing, what one does when things are Loud. Loud peeing is just the overall viewable pattern and how dense its interations are around the current now.

4+5+2+2+9+5=27 or the second occurrance of A, another beings root

(here i go overlapping)
De-eb-bb-bi-ie(don't ebb creation duality exemplification)45-52-22-29-95 Air/Ether, Ether/Water, Water/Water, Water/Water, Water/Ether("what a writher")

(here Im ache an ack-shun with a Shock-Ra(shh-oc/quiet 8), remember Ra is Water the second tone and 8 is H-arm/H-ate)
DE-B*BI-E, DE means to sub-tract B, B is the intestine(Int-Est-In/intelligence{internal elegance}within you originating east of you, from fuel) tract, and BI means to see E from By(B be)angles. B be-angles means to take the other water letters and put them next to E such as BE, HE, IE, JE, KE, LE ME NE, PE, WE (be he ie. me, key the me, never pee, we - Which is to say that the we at the end speaks back: we pee never, me the key ie EH ebb)

D-Eb-Bi-E may mean there is a love ebb in the Bi-structure of E(parental house) E-DB-BE-I may mean, don't be a grown up, be a child.

MCLE-NN-AN first thing i note is you have two double letters in your name the B's in debbie and the n's in mclennan. I swap those first to see what happens and get Dennie Mclebban which initially to me say "nie" to "den" which is further tranlated I in NE and E and DN or Water in the North East and Ether Down. MC le B ban initially says to me, MC is a jockey position where one is controlling something, le is two ether letters perhaps ear and listen(also the indefinate article the/it/A), B is the form of water, it's shape, ban is rule against the existence of a thing.

MCLENNAN has an M-CLE in it(cle means key in french/key is tone but also means penis/finger/toe) remember "aime" which sounds like M is the word for love in french. It's a thought letter though, M is Waters Thought form.

M-CLE 'NN' AN relates to me because it says I'm being shunned(NN) by anne. It also says I have a double N inside my keyed M for anne. Meaning its a growing M. It also says you are an NN Anne, in other words, you are her alternative self. the reversed N-ANNE-LCM(LCM are all roman numerals 50-100-1000, N represents zero)

M cle-NN-an is a M[NN] embedded in clean, which is to say your double N'd M's are in the white more than the grey or the black

-LENNAN or Le N Nan, which is possibly to say Limited Ethereal N(a "ruled" creature of the Ether falling into the N set formula)

-LENNAN is also NN in LEAN, N is effort in one interpretation, the impass of two things of a forces verge in another. Double N, if I interpret double becoming dub-Ul(to make a memory)would be an N that has been given to you or which you have "adopted" It's the end of the memory butted up against whatever memories stick to. So then a Lean NN may mean that you're careful what you store in your memory, selective.

Now N in a strong sense has a "No" connotation to it, and it helps that the O is next to it in the alphabet and that O means nothing which is similar. So if we take LENNAN and make LE into The we get The no no a no. don't assume that's bad, since every word just means a set of body parts the word no is the name of your Crown(note the last letter in crown is n and C-row is another way to say zero) and your O root.


other stuff ignore this

B-ying is B, B-yang is b

Existence - X is Ten see, if X is T(east/north) or T3-12 we add those and get 15 or O, the full circle. xis inside of te is six backwards inside the 7th tone.

Birth/th'ri-b, that is the B stands alone and irth is opening from center out, east first then west.
(Berth-Thr/eb or three/fire ebbs/lessens/L essense)

Born(B or N) Baby(B, A By) Bib(Bi B)

Courage -Cou/Throat Cour/Run Couer/Heart Rage(Age R/18) Cage|Our(from our embedded in Cage) Core AGU(like the french accent which makes an E sound like A)

Man its Reel Ear Uff be ying fame us, what(water) are you(light) do(root) wing(water) hear(ether)?

Who are those guys anyway?

Who(root) R(the effort) Th'O's(rear root) guis's? NE(14.5) weigh(provide opinion).

Unicorn - Uni/One Cor(e) N

C, J, Q, X , Diaphram(Dah interleavened IP Ram), Solar Plexus(Soul R Pull X us), Me, Metal(meal with add embedded in it), Time(im embedded in te), When(hen of W), Tic(add ice), Clock(lock C), Now(N enunciated Ow), Then(hen of T), Later(left and right both eaten), While(Ul-Y-the high W), During(ri embedded in dung), Before(B came before and four came after), Already(, Hence, Ever, Compass, Direction, Fire, Flame, Spirit, Three, Third, Thur, Tri, Tert,

Tic slanted is tike

3 when the top is angular is a c attached to a v, note that c and v are side by side on the keyboard

you can do some - uke induce um

as a result of it - as A:re's Ul tough it

a family - uff am lee

you like it - july kit(the mind)

let me worry about my snitch - let ME, whirr E about mice niche

well you know ive always been somewhat a solo act - well une 0, IV all weighs Bin sum What a soul O whacked

AB is 1 and 2 or 12L, "El" is 5 and 12 or 17Q(we multipled because one was lowercase), Cu is 3 and 21 or CBA,
BA is the third or C name of B; AB, then B then BA.

BA is 2 and 1 or U the reason for this is that were going 2-1-7 by going outside the root and connecting with the crown. The reason we find U is that the next letter is C or 3 and the third occurring 7 is the letter U
BI is a combination of 2 and 9, Waters "Form"(F or M-both third eye{thur die-opposite of thur/three}letters) and the Waters "Essence" 29 is the second occurance of C
BE is 2 and 5 or Y which is Airs symbol. B and E are opposite elements. This sound(So-und) is the name or na|french for nose/knows aim of B.
BU is 2 and 21 which is B-BA again. 22-1 is VA

BY is 2 and 25 which is B-BE again. 22-5 is VE
BY is phonetically(P-hone-tic-ally) similar to BI but symbolically different.