Wibla! Sounds like a TNT
Holy wack methodical ethics, Jay, you're fucking right!
To the Doomsday-mobile – let's go!
(Wibla! Wibla!)
Omegas and Alphas! It's evetime!
Hurry hurry, log right in!
Introducing the pilot of our ship
His name is (Wibla!)
You wouldn't want to be
Anywhere else in New Eden right now
So without further ado, I bring to you (Wibla!)

You 'bout to witness awoxing in its most purest
Most rawest form, fellow almost lawless
Set our Dest, NIDJ mining in colossal
Ship off the old Sheep Shelter, but unDock is (well)
Looks like Captain Caveman brought his whole club in
Oh God, TNTs got it's own Sharkfins!
With his own private doomsday, getting kill marks in
Set to blow blue rorquals off their indy cores
ochres, dark ochres, and what, rorqs on arkanors?
Noob, Noob! Yeah, here I come, with trigger sores
Away from the neuts, fear one
New Eden is in a state of 9-1-1, so

Let's get down to awoxing
I don't got no time to dick around, im multi-boxing
Now there's a circus in the belt, to watch a rorq melt
on this blue; that I be awoxing? (Hell yeah!)
Let's get down to awoxing
I don't got no time to dick around, im multi-boxing
Now there's a circus in the belt, to watch a rorq melt
on this blue; that I be awoxing? (Hell yeah!)

Quick, gotta warp fast, gotta F1 miracles
Gee willikers Jay, "Holy rat syllables!"
Overview all the bullshit that goes on
In Belts when I'm gone
Time to get rid of abc ore criminals
So skip to your ceo while I do what I do best
You ain't even impressed you noob, you're used to it
Your paints too wet, and damn look at that fit!
Nobody says it but still everybody knows its shit
The most camped on out of all those who say they get camped on in eighty accounts and exaggerate it all so much
They make it all up, there's no such toons
Like a Caldari with good looks mining moons SNAFU
It just means so much more to so much more
Members when you're awoxing' and you know what for
The explosions must go on; so I'd like to welcome y'all
To Wiblas and Jay's Alliance, c'mon!


It's just like the old days, the Wars Casino
Two old corpmates, why panic? You already know
Who's actively targeting?, the two super-cap heroes
Warp straight onto grid, belt eight-zero-zero
You can even call ccp, the most feared vip
Since me and Guard played career Russian Roulette
And never even see me blink or get to bustin' a vet
ships bumpin' other ships to rush 'n see the wreck
Just to get to see an FC who breathes so zealy
Ease over Eves boats and warp so freely
Judge(Jesus!), how can shit be so easy?
How can one Rorqual be so unTanky?
Paste this KM in alliance, so miner's can see
Believe me, EVE and CCP
Are gonna grieve when we leave, dog, fo' sheezy
Can't leave Eve alone, the game needs me
'Til we grow mjds, get wise and burn nigh
Into null sec, nothin' but clowns down high
But neuts ain't fuckin' around round mine
Yo, Jay (What up?) Can I get a "Delve yeah"? (Delve yeah!)


So there you have it, folks
(Wibla) has come to ruin your day
Back with his friend Jay
Here to remind you that bullshit does not pay
Because (Wibla!) and Jay are here to stay
And never go away, beer in our cargo bay
Until we're skilled and paid (Wibla!)
So until downtime, New Eden
Same red mohawk, same chat channel
Good night, everyone! Thank you for coming!
Your host for the evening (Wibla!)
Oh! Heh





Yeah, down-time, Aftermath - G-oonSwarm!

Damn intel all I need is a lil' bit
A lil' bit of ammo, a lil' bit of tank
Get it crackin in the system when you hear shit
Drop it like it's cyno'd, get to whippin that gank
Delve scram that thing, yeah blam that thing
Let me see it's shields go up, and, down
Shield Rep that thang, I wanna touch that tank
When we make it go red and down

I step up in null sec I'm like "Who you wit?"
GoonSwarm in the house, yeah that's my clique
Yeah, I'm young, but a playa from the old school
Back in Quake III Arena doin old moves
I don't shoot a fuck, I do what I wan' do
I scram your ass up boy, I done warned you
Better listen when I talk nigga, don't warp to smeb
Yo' heat in the mwd, mines in this web
I ain't tryin to sperg, I'm tryin to get my gank on
And my mods, my fitted navy, and my tank on
I'mma kick it at the gate'til it's time to go
Then I'mma get in 40 KMs and I'mma let you know
This is Earthy, comin out your mum-b-l
It's hard to mute though cause I hacked it well
Hulls a little low cause I risk the 'kill
Pockets on swoll cause I loot as well
My armor, my shield, my cap is froze
Come get a killmark, she on me dawg
We musta heard, about the boat
No Captain c'mon and bring a Crow
I get it disrupted on the grid, I'm off the boosts
#1 on the killboard all the time dudes (LOL I wish)
When the neut in the house, I death clone it home
Keep the home systems damn well neut free zones
But Wibla hunt that blue like a pro man
He fucked it up on scene I'm like ochre man!
I got close enough to scram so I know it was here
Alliance thumpin, killboard jumpin, I said neuts should fear
All a FC really need is a lil' bit
Not a lot new eden, just a lil' bit
We can head to low sec in a lil' bit
I can show you how I mine in a lil' bit
I wanna examine your fits just a lil' bit
Try 'em on and change 'em round just a lil' bit
Get to testin and kill Test a lil' bit
Get to lickin isk, a lil' bit

Eve you got me feelin right, you heard me?
My momma knows I stay up all night, you heard me?
I ain't fucking round I'm tryin to FC tonight, you heard me?
Omega's off, skills down, balls up, c'mon, ha ha