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Canadian Arcadian Company Directory Updates
Last Updated July 14th , ~this ticker lists most recent changes in the directory~
~minor edits to the index page .OLDER~CompanyAdded to the Directory! holy fire games - makers of Forsaken Legends, ncsoft - makers of Guild Wars 2 ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! bohemia interactive - makers of Arma3 ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! 3g studios inc - makers of Skate or Die, xpec entertainment - makers of final fantasy XV pocket edition ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! ctrl-alt-ninja - makers of Druidstone ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! pixelberry studios - makers of Hollywood U, nexon co ltd - makers of Closers ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! visual concepts - makers of sports games ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! behaviour interactive inc - makers of Star Citizen, trion worlds - makers of Atlas Reactor ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! city state entertainment - makers of Camelot: Unchained(7/18 BETA), w3 studios - makers of Abatron(in BETA) ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! neojac entertainment - makers of Arcfall(in ALPHA) ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! daybreak game co llc - makers of LOTR Online, 343 industries - makers of Halo 4, turn 10 studios - makers of Forza Motorsport 7, en masse ent. inc. - makers of Closers & Tera ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! Hello Games - makers of No Man's Sky ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! Zenimax - makers of the Elder Scrolls Online, Zipper Interactive - makers of Mech Warrior 3, Zombie Studios - makers of Daylight, Zootfly - makers of Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, Zylom - makers of casual games, Zynga - makers of Farmville ~CompanyAdded to the Directory! social point - makers of Dragon City, fenix fire - makers of oosiris: New Dawn, unknown worlds ent - makers of Subnautica, hinterland studios - makers of The Long Dark, Egosoft gmbh - makers of the X series, crowd control productions(CCP hr) - makers of Eve Online

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